Exploring the Practice of Shared Leadership - Collection of Articles from Winter 2017 Issue: Advancing Critical Conversations: How to Get There from Here Winter 2017: Volume 24 Issue 4

Exploring the Practice of Shared Leadership - Collection of Articles (Winter 2017)
Item# 2404A


The Leadership Ethos: How What We Believe Can Inform Our Leadership Practices

“The practice of leadership,” Bell writes, “is not neutral.” Our different values, beliefs, and politics influence our leadership decisions—consciously or not. In this article, Bell locates practices and their impacts in four domains that reflect significant shifts in how we approach leadership.

by Jeanne Bell

Leading for Mission Results: Connecting Leadership Beliefs with Predictable Changes

“We are too often surprised and forced to act reactively to predictable organizational changes,” point out the authors. “Every executive and board leader will leave some day. Every person who adds value will, as well.” This article looks at how to manage leadership change that is not reactionary and instead will increase mission results.

by Tom Adams and Jeanne Bell

Autopsy of a Failed Holacracy: Lessons in Justice, Equity, and Self-Management

This examination of the holacracy model focuses on three of its central assumptions in order to understand its limitations and imagine new possibilities. As the author writes, “Regardless of the brand or buzzwords associated with a new governance system, it is essential to be sensitive to the limits of what a new structure can actually provide.”

by Simon Mont

Five Elements of Collective Leadership

What is collective leadership? How does it compare to a more traditional, individualistic concept of leadership? Why would anyone want to use it? This article outlines key aspects and benefits of the process.

by Cassandra O’Neill and Monica Brinkerhoff