Capacity Building for What?

Capacity Building for What? [Digital Issue]
Capacity Building for What? [Digital Issue]
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Capacity Building for What?: Volume 17, Issue 4: Winter 2010

Table of Contents:

2 Welcome

4 The Nonprofit Ethicist: An inebriated executive director takes things too far with a staff member, and more. by Woods Bowman

6 Nonprofit Capacity Building for What?: Are the capacity-building needs of nonprofit organizations changing? A discussion with 60 consultants indicates some shifts. by Ruth McCambridge

12 Driving Social Change: How do societies enact lasting change and protect social change from the inevitable backlash? by Paul C. Light, Ph.D.

22 IT Workers: Shedding the City-upon-the-Hill Model: If IT departments want to remain relevant, they have to open their doors to new tactics and ways of working. by Holly Ross

28 A Community Fights Back: A Merger in Humboldt County: A recent flap with Easter Seals unearths some enduring issues of disenfranchisement and constituency neglect in rural areas. by Rick Cohen

34 Finding a New Tune: How Arts Organizations Balance Creativity and Operations: Arts organizations are struggling to tread water operationally without sapping creative energy. by Corbett Barklie

40 You Don’t Need an Empire to Build Strength for Change: Four organizations illustrate that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. by Deborah Linnell

44 WikiLeaks: A Small NGO on a Global Stage: Is WikiLeaks a renegade nonprofit in search of truth or an irresponsible group of “hackers” that has exploited the Web? by the editors

46 Evolution—Not Revolution— Is the Course of Online Giving: The Web has become a key feature of the modern-philanthropy equation. by Steve Boland

50 Reframing Governance: Most substantive decisions aren’t made in nonprofit boardrooms, but governance models haven’t caught up with this reality. by David O. Renz, Ph.D.

54 Dr. Conflict: A staff member is caught between the belief in doing what is right and a stubborn board. by Mark Light