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The Nonprofit Quarterly presents a collection of articles on nonprofit advocacy, personal behavior, finances, and governance, plus a collection of reports by NPQ's national correspondent, Rick Cohen. These publications are only available in Portable Document Format for immediate download, and require Adobe's PDF Reader (available here).


Heroes, Liars, Founders, and Curmudgeons:<br>How Personal Behavior Affects Organizations
Articles on Personal Behavior

Deborah Linnell: Page 5 Founders and Other Gods

Kenneth Bailey: Page 12 Brave Leadership in Organizational Conflict

Erline Belton: Page 17 The Organizational Importance of Honesty

Sandra Janoff: Page 23 Defending Defensiveness

Nesly Metayer: Page 28 Considerations on Leadership in an Immigrant Populations: Lessons from the Haitian Community

Karl Mathiasen: Page 36 All A-Board!

Sister Margaret Leonard: Page 40 Looking Together in the Same Direction
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Classic Cohen
Classic Cohen

Page 5: Almost Crimes: The Boston Globe’s Foundation Exposés Revisited

Page 15: Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club: Implications of the Scandal

Page 20: Branson, Google, and Clinton: Philanthropy’s X-Men

Page 27: The Enron Family Philanthropies

Page 38: Fides: Faith and Money in the Bush Administration

Page 57: The IRS Failure with Jack Abramoff ’s Philanthropy

Page 60: The Cutting Edge of Exclusion: The Partisan Misuse of State Employee Charitable Campaigns

Page 69: The ACLU and the Combined Federal Campaign

Page 72: One for the Money, Two for the Show: Nonprofits as Conduits for Political Influence
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Impacting Social Policy: Understanding Advocacy
Authors on Advocacy

Thomas Raffa: Page 5:

Advocacy and Lobbying Without Fear: What Is Allowed within a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization

David Aarons: Page 11

The Meaning and Actions of Advocacy

William A. Gamson: Page 13

Framing Social Policy

Pablo Eisenberg: Page 19

Separate, We lose

Marcia Avner: Page 24

Essentials for Advancing Nonprofit Advocacy: Board Leadership

Annette R. Duke: Page 31

Advocacy by Design: Using Direct Media to Get a Direct Response

Ruth McCambridge: Page 36

A Conversation with Eli Pariser: Online Fundraising and Engagement

Ruth McCambridge: Page 39

Becoming a Reliable Source: A Conversation with Rob Restuccia
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Strange Accounts: Understanding Nonprofit Finance
As author Clara Miller notes, "Not only are nonprofit rules that govern money-and therefore business dynamics-different from those in the for-profit sector, they are largely unknown, even among nonprofits and their funders. Or at the very least, they remain unacknowledged and unspoken."

Articles on Finance

Clara Miller: Page 5

The Looking-Glass World of Nonprofit Money: Managing in For-Profits’ Shadow Universe

Deborah Linnell, Zora Radosevich, and Jonathan Spack: Page 15

An Executive Director’s Primer on Financial Management

Jon Pratt: Page 19

Analyzing the Dynamics of Funding: Reliability and Autonomy

Clara Miller: Page 26

Hidden in Plain Sight: Understanding Nonprofit Capital Structure

Jennifer A. Lammers: Page 37

Know Your Ratios? Everyone Else Does

Thomas Raffa: Page 43

The Challenge with Fundraising Costs and Multi-Year Grants

Elizabeth K. Keating: Page 45

Is There Enough Overhead in this Grant?
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Board with Care: Perspectives on Nonprofit Governance
Articles on Governance

5 Problem Boards or Board Problem? by William P. Ryan, Richard P. Chait, and Barbara E. Taylor

12 Who “Owns” Your Nonprofit? by Judith L. Milleson

16 Why Are We Replacing Furniture When Half the Neighborhood Is Missing? by Gus Newport

23 Making Hope and History Rhyme: A Model for the Nonprofit Role in Active Democracy by Aideen McGinley

30 All A-Board! by Karl Mathiasen

36 Who Is Robert, and Why’d He Make the Rules? by Jon Pratt

38 Exploring the Puzzle of Board Design: What’s Your Type? by David O. Renz

44 A Gateway to 21st Century Governance: Are We Ready? by Ruth McCambridge
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Doing the Right Thing: The Nonprofit Ethicist
The Nonprofit Ethicist Column Collections

Summer 2005 by Woods Bowman

Fall 2005 by Woods Bowman

Spring 2006 by Woods Bowman

Summer 2006 by Woods Bowman

Fall 2006 by Woods Bowman

Winter 2006 by Woods Bowman

Spring 2007 by Woods Bowman

Summer 2007 by Woods Bowman

Fall 2007 by Woods Bowman
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