Fall-Winter 2011 - A New Day Dawning: Contemplating 2012

Fall-Winter 2011 - A New Day Dawning: Contemplating 2012 [Digital Issue Only]
Fall-Winter 2011 - A New Day Dawning: Contemplating 2012 [Digital Issue Only]
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A New Day Dawning: Contemplating 2012: Volume 18, Issue 3/4: Fall/Winter 2011

Table of Contents:

F e a t u r e s

3 Welcome

4 The Nonprofit Ethicist: What does one do when the board chair applies for the CEO position while remaining in place? Upon this and other quandaries the Ethicist reflects. by Woods Bowman

6 Welcome to 2012 and Our New World: What’s ahead in 2012 for nonprofits and people interested in social change? by the editors

8 An Executive Director’s Guide to Financial Leadership: The authors outline eight key principles to making an organization sustainable. by Kate Barr and Jeanne Bell, MNA

16 The Voice from Outside: Stakeholder Resistance in Nonprofit Organizations: Are your stakeholders threatening to revolt? If they are not, they may soon be! by Sean Buchanan and Patricia Bradshaw

22 Social Impact Bonds: A Conversation with Simon Jawitz: How exactly do Social Impact Bonds work, and what are the risks of this type of investment? by Jon Pratt, JD, MPA

30 Cautionary Tales . . . Nonprofit Style: Remember those cautionary tales we were told as children? At NPQ, we’ve come up with a few of our own. by the editors

40 Beyond Sustainability: Identifying the Right Resource Mix for Growth: How do you maximize the growth potential of your organization? by Woods Bowman

46 The Wherewithal of Society: An Accountability Challenge to Private Enterprise: The author proposes an intriguing scheme to hold institutions accountable for the way they do business. by A. W. “Buzz” Schmidt

52 Four Reasons Why NOT to Use Social Media . . . and Why to Use It Anyway: Social media can eat up your time to little effect, but here’s why you need to use it anyway. by Christine Durand and Kristen Cici

58 “I Thought We Were Friends!” Can Nonprofits Terminate Employees for Their Social Media Posts?: What are the legal principles underlying recent labor board decisions on terminations involving social media? by Emily Chan

66 Building a Mission-Delivery Engine: Moving Your Website beyond the Web: Your competent website—with all attendant bells and whistles—may be displaying your lack of vision. by Carlo Cuesta

70 The State of Medicaid: A Conversation with Ron Pollack: What—and who—is most at risk if Medicaid gets cut back? by Ruth McCambridge

D e p a r t m e n t s

74 Dr. Conflict: What would you do if you were new to a job and found yourself the prime target of the office town crier’s daily gossip mill? by Mark Light, MBA, PHD

76 Philanthropic Equity: Promising Early Returns: Philanthropic Equity can be a useful alternative to major grant funding, but results of this emerging practice are turning out to be hard to measure. by Craig C. Reigel

82 Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation: Are They Potentially in Conflict?: An uncertain social, political, and economic environment calls for innovation. But exactly what kind of innovation do we want to see? by Ruth McCambridge

84 Habitat for Humanity: The Evolution of a High-Performing Nonprofit Network: Habitat for Humanity International is a strong brand, but it functions as a high performing network of locals. What can we learn from it? by Rick Cohen

89 Does My Nonprofit Need to Pay Tax? Understanding Unrelated Business Income Tax: “Tax-exempt” does not equal “no taxes”— there are instances in which a nonprofit will be subject to UBIT. by Judah I. Kupfer, JD, LLM

94 How Social Media Transformed a Nonprofit Medical Professional Society: When a well-established nonprofit organization finds itself unprepared for the new world of social media, an intern steps up to the plate. by Jennifer Young