Impacting Social Policy: Understanding Advocacy

Impacting Social Policy: Understanding Advocacy
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Authors on Advocacy

Thomas Raffa: Page 5:

Advocacy and Lobbying Without Fear: What Is Allowed within a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization

David Aarons: Page 11

The Meaning and Actions of Advocacy

William A. Gamson: Page 13

Framing Social Policy

Pablo Eisenberg: Page 19

Separate, We lose

Marcia Avner: Page 24

Essentials for Advancing Nonprofit Advocacy: Board Leadership

Annette R. Duke: Page 31

Advocacy by Design: Using Direct Media to Get a Direct Response

Ruth McCambridge: Page 36

A Conversation with Eli Pariser: Online Fundraising and Engagement

Ruth McCambridge: Page 39

Becoming a Reliable Source: A Conversation with Rob Restuccia