Leadership Without a Safety Net

Leadership Without a Safety Net [Digital Issue Only]
Leadership Without a Safety Net [Digital Issue Only]
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Leadership Without a Safety Net: Volume 15, Issue 1: Spring 2008

Table of Contents:

Fe a t u r e s

5 Welcome

6 The Nonprofit Ethicist: What to do with “dirty” money, and why a bad deed usually doesn’t go unpunished. by Woods Bowman

9 Powerful Nonprofit Leadership: The D Factor: Should your context drive your leadership style? NPQ’s editors think so. by the editors

12 Boards and Leadership Hires: How to Get It Right: The hiring of a new executive director is one of the most important jobs of a board, but many make missteps that are hard to reverse. by Deborah Linnell

19 Gap or Pap: Generational Differences at Work: Is there is a real difference between what generations want and expect from a workplace? by Jennifer J. Deal

24 The Bright Future of Community Building: Traditional approaches toward community building may do more to push people away than engage them. by Bill Traynor

30 A Leader’s Guide to Executive Coaching: When is it time to call a coach, and what should you expect a coach to do? by David Coleman

38 The Nonprofit ED’s First 100 Days: What should a new executive do— and not do—in the first 100 days? by Oliver Tessier and Ruth McCambridge

S p e c i a l S u p p l e m e n t

45 The Evolution of Nonprofit Management Programs: Here’s the inside scoop from those who teach on what’s changing in nonprofit management education. by Judith Millesen

52 NPQ Nonprofit Management Education Directory 2008

D e p a r t m e n t s

P h i l a n t h r o p y

60 Just Another Emperor? The Myths and Realities of Philanthrocapitalism: It’s hot, but is there anything new in the new philanthropy? by Michael Edwards

H u m a n R e s o u r c e s

74 Volunteer Management: Once More with Meaning: Volunteer management is typically all upside-down trying to fit volunteers to the organization rather than the organization to the volunteers. by Jennifer Woodill

O p i n i o n

79 A Conversation with California Congressman Xavier Becerra: Daring to go where others fear to tread, a California congressman asks tough questions about whether nonprofits provide what taxpayers expect to get for their money. by Rick Cohen

83 ARNOVA Abstracts: A selection of the most recent abstracts from the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action.

84 The Take-Away: A summary of the articles in this issue.

86 Classifieds

S a t i r e

88 Eliminating Random Acts of Kindness by 2010: The National Bureau of Evaluation comes of age courtesy of brave advocates bucking the trend of fluff evaluations. by Phil Anthrop