Mission Message

Mission Message [Digital Issue]
Mission Message [Digital Issue]
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Mission Message: Volume 16, Issue 3: Fall 2009

Table of Contents:

F e a t u r e s

4 Welcome

5 The Nonprofit Ethicist: A nonprofit questions whether the conduct of an organization with which it may merge is too suspect to move forward. by Woods Bowman

7 Lessons Learned—or Not: This new feature offers a heartbreaking lesson about understanding the sensitive cultural touch points in organizations. by Ruth McCambridge

8 Mission, Message, and Damage Control: When things go awry, here is a guide to crafting messages to stakeholders. by Kim Klein

16 Is Bigger Better? The Case for Small Nonprofits: A rich case statement for the community building value of small nonprofits by Fran Barrett

N o n p r o f i t s i n t h e A g e o f O b a m a, P a r t 3

22 Alive and Kicking: Nonprofits in Late 2009: How are nonprofits managing their resources in light of vastly changed economic circumstances? by Lissette Rodriguez

26 Advocacy in the Age of Obama: In this, the third installment of our series on nonprofit experiences during the Obama administration, we explore the successes and challenges of advocacy organizations. by Ruth McCambridge

36 Secret Code: The Message to Nonprofits in the Federal Budget: The language of the federal budget indicates what the federal government wants from nonprofits. by Rick Cohen

40 The United Way: Missed and Missing Goals: Trend Alert: What does it mean that several United Ways have decided not to set cash goals for their campaigns? by the editors

42 Foundations Invest in For-Profits: Trend Alert: An increasing number of foundations have made large program related investments from their asset bases. But these charitable dollars can favor business ventures. by the editors

D e p a r t m e n t s

45 NPQ’s 2009 Nonprofit Technology Directory

G o v e r n m e n t

49 Government and Nonprofits: Turning Points, Challenges, and Opportunities: The Obama administration has signaled a newfound commitment to the nonprofit sector, but history’s lessons may indicate some warning signs. by Steven Rathgeb Smith

J o u r n a l i s m

53 Nonprofits and Journalism: An interview with Mark Jurkowitz: Will journalism eventually be driven from the business world and into a nonprofit setting? by the editors

M e r g e r s

58 Mergers in the Wake of Financial Crisis: Is the knee-jerk clarion call for less nonprofits and more mergers increasing, and how grounded is the urge to force a merge? by the editors

61 Collaboration or Competition in the National Nonprofit Infrastructure?: To what degree do national nonprofit infrastructure groups set a good collaborative example to the nonprofit sector? by the editors

L e a d e r s h i p T r a n s i t i o n

66 A Table for Two: Founders and Successors in the Same Shop?: Counter to popular opinion, some nonprofits benefit from a founder’s continued presence even after an executive transition has occurred. by Mark Leach

68 The Take-Away: A summary of the articles in this issue.

S a t i r e

72 Does the End Justify the Middleman: Will Project Disintermediation simply repeat the sins of the past as it attempts to cut out nonprofit middlemen? by Phil Anthrop