Nonprofit Behaviors and Misbehaviors

Nonprofit Behaviors and Misbehaviors [Digital Issue only]
Nonprofit Behaviors and Misbehaviors [Digital Issue only]
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Nonprofit Behaviors and Misbehaviors: Volume 14, Issue 4: Winter 2007

Table of Contents:

Fe a t u r e s

3 Welcome

4 The Nonprofit Ethicist: Church shenanigans—a tax avoidance scheme. Husband and wife on the same board, why not? by Woods Bowman

6 Not a Spin-Free Zone: Reflections on the Utility and Price of Nonprofit Spin: Internalized spin is something that nonprofits excel at and it gets in the way of effectiveness! by Jeanne Bell

12 Peak Performance: Nonprofit Leaders Rate Highest in 360-Degree Reviews: Sit down and take a deep breath. In this groundbreaking study, nonprofit leaders are rated more highly by their managers, peers, direct reports, and others compared to for-profit leaders. by Jean R. Lobell and Paul M. Connolly

27 What Makes Powerful Nonprofit Leaders: A Commentary, by Jim Collins. The world-renowned author of the classic management books, Built to Last and Good to Great explains why nonprofit leaders may be perceived as more capable than for-profit leaders by those with whom

28 How to Steal from a Nonprofit: Who Does It and How to Prevent It: What do we really know about fraud in nonprofits? by Janet Greenlee, Mary Fischer, Teresa Gordon, and Elizabeth Keating

33 Assessing Fraud Risk: The authors present questions that every organization should ask when determining fraud risk. by Joseph T. Wells and John D. Gill

36 The Whistle-blower: Policy Challenges for Nonprofits: Can you depend on a whistle-blower policy to encourage people to question practices that may put the organization or clients at risk? by Scott Harshbarger and Amy Crafts

S p e c i a l S u p p l e m e n t

45 Ensuring a Successful Consulting Engagement: What do you need to know when engaging a consultant? by Ruth McCambridge and Lissette Rodriguez

50 NPQ Consulting Services Directory 2007

D e p a r t m e n t s

P l a n n i n g a n d E v a l u a t i o n

54 The United Way’s Way or Bust: One of the nonprofit sector’s flagship organizations and a cultural icon has another new strategy. Will it work? by Rick Cohen

G o v e r n a n c e

70 Government Funding and Community Representation on Nonprofit Boards: The Bargain We Strike: Government funding changes the composition of boards and the way nonprofits function. What can you do about it? by Chao Guo

Cu l t u r e

77 Organizational Culture Checkup: An Interview with Erline Belton: When an organization’s culture needs to be revitalized, the starting point needs to be each member’s own behavior. by Lissette Rodriguez

83 ARNOVA Abstracts: A selection of the most recent abstracts from the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action.

84 The Take-Away: A summary of the articles in this issue.

86 Classifieds

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88 Spoiled by Democracy: Phil digs deep as a lobbyist for the universities of his state and comes out smelling like roses. by Phil Anthrop