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2012 Collection - <b>Price: $19.95 plus $9.00 for shipping and handling</b>
2012 Collection - Price: $19.95 plus $9.00 for shipping and handling
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Spring 2012; Recreating Leadership: 2012 -Web-Enabled Protests Are Producing a New Breed of Leaders--Us by Brian Fung, MSc

Summer 2012; Influences on Nonprofit Management - Nonprofit Management Isn't a Game by Scott Helm, PhD

Fall 2012; Nonprofits and Democracy - Serving Democracy: Nonprofits Promote Voter Engagement in 2012 by George Pillsbury, MPA

Winter 2012; Emerging Forms of Nonprofit Governance - Underestimating the Power of Nonprofit Governance by Ruth McCambridge

Price: $19.95 plus $9.00 for shipping and handling