(EXPIRED) 2016 - The Nonprofit Quarterly & Grassroots Fundraising Journal subscriptions - 2017 IS NOW AVAILABLE!

Nonprofit Quarterly & Grassroots Fundraising Journal Bundle 2016 (40% Savings)
Nonprofit Quarterly & Grassroots Fundraising Journal Bundle 2016 (40% Savings)
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For a limited time only, Grassroots Fundraising Journal and the Nonprofit Quarterly are coming together to offer you a deal that is almost too good to be true: You can subscribe to both publications for just $59!

NPQ and the Journal bring you cutting-edge fundraising and nonprofit management tools and analysis that reflect your social justice values and help you fulfill your mission.

Popular articles include:

  • Starting a Major Gifts Program Kim Klein walks us through the necessary steps to starting a major gifts program, from setting goals to preparing solicitation materials to asking for renewals. GFJ
  • Surveys and Segments: Building Your Major Donor Strategy When Jack Hui Litster first started as Inter Pares’ major gift fundraiser, he was overwhelmed by the size of the donor list. Learn how he and his colleagues used surveys and segmenting to deepen relationships and increase revenue for their organization. GFJ
  • A City in Remission: Can the "Grand Bargain" Revive Detroit? - A comprehensive analysis of the state of Detroit, the unmatchable Rick Cohen unpacks the city’s past, present, and future challenges through the lens of the “grand bargain.” by Rick Cohen NPQ
  • Making the Most of Stakeholder Revolt: The Recapturing of the San Diego Opera and Sweet Briar College - This article about stakeholder uprisings looks at how two organizations with very similar situations transformed their modes of governance and engagement with their networks. by Ruth McCambridge NPQ

Not only will you get a full year of both publications and access to both archives, you'll also be invited to participate in exclusive webinars led by experts on the challenging topics of the day.