Revenue as Destiny

Revenue as Destiny [Digital Issue]
Revenue as Destiny [Digital Issue]
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Revenue as Destiny: Volume 14, Issue 1: Spring 2007

Table of Contents:

3 Welcome

4 The Nonprofit Ethicist: How do nonprofits confront the complexities of immigration and is it right to take a stand that may put them on the wrong side of the law? by Woods Bowman


9 Dark and Light Matters in the Nonprofit Universe: Getting the Numbers Right: Pratt examines the size and shape of the nonprofit sector and warns us it may shrink in the wash. by Jon Pratt

16 Organizational Slack, Or Goldilocks and the Three Budgets: Organizations need to have financial “slack” to remain healthy and innovative, but they can have too much. How much is too much, how much is too little, how much is just right? by Woods Bowman

24 Transactional Analysis, Nonprofit Style: An Interview with Richard Brewster: It costs money to make money. This also holds true in the nonprofit sector. But some money comes with hidden price tags.

26 In Search of Sustainable Funding: Is Diversity of Sources Really the Answer?: Is there an optimal funding mix as organizations grow? This research suggests there may be. by William Foster, Ben Dixon, and Matt Hochstetler

30 In Economic Redevelopment, Nonprofits Should Not Get Stuck in the Bleachers: Nonprofits have a vital role to play in economic redevelopment. The author presents contrasting case studies. by Judith Saidel

Special Supplement

35 “How Do Employers Weigh a Candidate’s Nonprofit Management Degree When Hiring?”: NPQ asked hiring managers whether a nonprofit management degree was positive, negative, or neutral in their hiring decisions. by the editors

38 NPQ Directory of Nonprofit Management Education



50 Now You See It—Now You Don’t: Conflict of Interest Demands More Than Just a Policy Conflicts of interest are a normal part of organizational life, but dealing with them is anything but simple, as NPQ learned from its readers. by Mel Gill

54 Conflict of Interest: Mischief Thou Art Afoot: The author delves into recent press coverage on conflicts of interest that typify some of the issues nonprofits must manage, presenting the public and backstories that make these cases notorious and complex. by Rick Cohen

Financial Management

61 Absent the Audit: How Small Nonprofits Can Demonstrate Accountability Without One: If your organization doesn’t do an annual audit, here’s what you should be doing to maintain public trust and financial accountability. by Jeanne Bell and Steve Zimmerman


65 Online Volunteering Enters Middle Age: Online volunteering seems new to some and old hat to others. The author discusses where it’s been, where it’s going, and how to get it right. by Jayne Cravens

Human Resources

69 Preparing an Organization to Sustain Capable Leadership: By accident or design, your organization will change leadership. The author offers a range of steps you can take to ensure the organization maintains its equilibrium. by Karen Gaskins Jones


72 Fleishman’s World—an Essay: Eisenberg reviews a widely hailed recent book on philanthropy, finding it an insider’s view of a closed system. by Pablo Eisenberg

75 ARNOVA Abstracts: In collaboration with the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA), NPQ presents a selection of recent, potentially useful, research abstracts.

76 The Take-Away: Summaries of the articles in this issue. by the editors

78 Classifieds


8 Emotional Returns Sometimes the Most Measurable: Outcome measurements or a good story? Which is more attractive? by Phil Anthrop