Spring 2012 Article Reprints

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The Nonprofit Ethicist - Spring 12
The Ethicist weighs in on clashing interests, divided loyalties, and heavy-handed foundation behavior. By Woods Bowman
Web-Enabled Protests Are Producing a New Breed of Leaders—Us
As Internet-driven movements proliferate and gather momentum, it may well be that iconic leader-centric movements are becoming a thing of the past. By Brian Fung, MSc
Embedded in Chaos: Journalism in 2012—A Conversation with Joel Simon
Journalism is being transformed by technology and social media, allowing individuals to engage in journalism, whether or not they are affiliated with any media organization. So how do we protect these central actors in an informed democracy?
Leaning into Discomfort
Real leadership often means “leaning into discomfort.” In this article three leaders weigh in on the risks and the courage that it takes to “walk the talk.” By the editors, in partnership with Robin Katcher, managing director of Management Assistance Group, and Jeanne Bell, CEO of CompassPoint Nonprofit Services
Blowing the Whistle: A Conversation with Louis Clark
The president of the Government Accountability Project discusses whistleblowing as an act of individual bravery and leadership, as well as how nonprofits working in the field where the exposé has occurred can help.
The General Assembly
By now we’ve all heard of the OWS General Assembly. But how does it really function? By Writers for the 99%
The Courage of Persistence
An activist who has been on the front lines of the battle for economic justice for decades describes his pleased interaction with Occupy Wall Street. By Steve Schnapp, MSW
Dr. Conflict - Spring 2012
When a new boss has the entire organization walking on eggshells, a staff member begins to dread going in to the office. By Mark Light, MBA, PhD
From Small to Scale: Three Trade-offs....
How does a small to midsize nonprofit looking to expand fuel its growth? The answer lies in its organizational adaptability and big-picture approach to funding. By Peter Kim, Suzanne Tollerud, and Gail Perreault
Tunnel Vision: Why Is the Nonprofit Public Policy Agenda So Limited?
Has the nonprofit sector lost its way in terms of the policy issues on which it has chosen to focus? Four experts discuss. By Rick Cohen
Point/Counterpoint: Is Philanthropy Engaging in Magical Thinking?
The Hudson Institute’s Bill Schambra and the Wallace Foundation’s Will Miller debate the value of strategy and metrics in the practice of philanthropy. By Bill Schambra and Will Miller
Enhance Attrition or Thank and Release? Firing Lousy Board Members
The author outlines the six steps to firing nonperforming board members. By Simone P. Joyaux, ACFRE