Spring 2006 Article Reprints

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Research and Nonprofit Excellence
The author suggests that there are nine types of research that interact in highly effective nonprofits. Evaluation is just one of these. By Ruth McCambridge [7 pages; 525 Kb]
Citizen Monitoring and Action
When people know or suspect that a system is not operating properly, how can they prove it? A discussion about how citizens have held institutions accountable through direct action research. by Andrew Mott [3 pages; 115 Kb]
Community Monitoring and Free Care
One example: a successful national network of local citizen monitoring of health care access. By Betsy Stoll and Rob Restuccia [4 pages, 81 Kb]
The Power of Inquiry
Betsy Santiago-Layne was homeless, a mother of two, and without a high school degree when she became a researcher. Fifteen years later, she reflects on her experiences. [2 pages. 61 Kb]
Evaluation for the Way We Work
One of the best outcomes of a well executed evaluation is to create an appetite within and around the organization for more creative as well as critical thinking. By Michael Quinn Patton [6 pages, 341 Kb]
The Challenge of Assessing Policy and Advocacy Activities
Assessing advocacy and policy work is notoriously difficult. A recent study by the California Endowment explores current thinking on how to approach this topic. [6 pages, 89 Kb]
Hand in Hand: Evaluation and Organizational Development
If evaluation is meant to help a nonprofit function optimally, it should start from an acknowledgement how the organization currently learns and build from there. By Andrew Mott [4 pages, 141 Kb]
Evaluating Foundations (to Whom, for What, and Who Says?)
If foundations have no market forces and few legal constraints to hold them accountable, is it any wonder that their evaluative efforts have fallen short? Can the value of “expressive philanthropy” be measured? By Peter Dobkin Hall [5 pages, 273 Kb]
Fides: Faith and Money in the Bush Administration
Are politicians and nonprofits consenting partners in the federal faith-based initiative? An investigative report of this loudly touted program shows it may be far less substantive and effective than was originally promised. By Rick Cohen [20 pages, 519 Kb]
Roadmap to Data on Nonprofit Organizations
Yes, we have 990s, but also a raft of other data that is available for those who want to do nonprofit analysis. By Elizabeth Boris and Linda Lampkin [3 pages, 70Kb]
Financial Strategy Tools: Cohort Analysis
Cohort analysis is an essential step in strategic planning; instructions and spreadsheet included. By Jon Pratt [3 pages, 234 Kb]
Harnessing the Power of Technology for Evaluation
Evaluation tools are racing ahead, enabled by new technology and new ways of using it. By Arnold Love Ph.D. [4 pages, 79 Kb]
Evaluation and Foundations: Can We Have an Honest Conversation?
Foundations and grantees need to start talking honestly with each other if evaluation is to live up to their hopes and expectations. By Tom David [3 pages, 59 Kb]
Carribean Techies Snare Innocent Bystander in Charity Wealth Scam
Phil unearths some charitable fund dirt that leaves him “holding the bag.” By Phil Anthrop [2 pages, 65 Kb]