Dynamics and Domains: Networked Governance in Civic Space

Dynamics and Domains: Networked Governance in Civic Space [Print Issue]
Dynamics and Domains: Networked Governance in Civic Space [Print Issue]
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Dynamics and Domains: Networked Governance in Civic Space

Volume 25, Issue 1 Spring 2018

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6 The Nonprofit Whisperer Is it ever a good idea for a prior CEO to rejoin the organization as a member of the board? The Nonprofit Whisperer weighs in!

F e a t u r e s

8 Networked Governance: Gaining New Insights into This Unique Approach to Leadership Here, David Renz looks back at his leading edge work on nonprofit boards and the research that has emerged since then around networked governance. by David O. Renz

14 Fear, Tradition, and Serendipity: The Unacknowledged Drivers of Governance Strategy This article explores the role that fear, tradition, and serendipity play as unconscious factors influencing board choices and action, and how we might better combat the negative effects of board decision making that tend to result in maintaining a less-than-useful status quo. by Judith L. Millesen and Eric C. Martin

24 Windows of Collaborative Opportunity: Considerations of Governance How do nonprofit–public partnerships form, and how are they governed? This article analyzes the life cycle of such collaborations, which can be challenged by complex power dynamics. by Chris Cornforth, John Paul Hayes, and Siv Vangen

30 Between Public and Private Action: Neighborhood Organizations and Local Governance Nonprofits are generally viewed as entities that primarily respond to government or market failure. But nonprofits are well situated to shape—rather than just respond to—the process of governance, and local organizations are becoming more and more central to promoting neighborhood democracy. by Robert J. Chaskin and David Micah Greenberg

42 Organizing First: A Case for a Hybrid Version of Stakeholder Engagement This article presents a case study demonstrating a successful hybrid model of stakeholder engagement in action. by Alan Smith

D e p a r t m e n t s

50 You First: Leadership for a New World In this column, Mark Light explores the notion of servant leadership, and asks, “What does it mean to serve first?” by Mark Light, MBA, PhD

52 Life in the Fishbowl: Culture, Cognition, and Communication This article, by the FrameWorks Institute’s CEO Nat Kendall-Taylor, looks at how a well grounded understanding of culture is essential to driving social change. by Nat Kendall-Taylor

56 “Click to Donate”: Which States Have Jurisdiction over My Online Fundraising? Here, the author describes the regulatory framework for online charitable fundraising, and outlines a systematic approach that organizations can follow to evaluate their compliance obligations on an ongoing basis. by Karen I. Wu

61 Are You a Dipper? Nonprofits, Sin, and Shadow Loans This article looks at the perilous practice of “dipping” into restricted funding streams— something that most nonprofits have had to do at one time or another in order to make good on their financial obligations. by John MacIntosh