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The Nonprofit Ethicist
The Nonprofit Ethicist edre170201
Trends: A Review of NPQ's Nonprofit Newswire
This year has been transformative for the nonprofit sector. Here we break down nonprofit news coverage and make sense of what's happening.
In Search of Breakthrough (or Incremental?) Social Innovation
President Obama's administration has slated $50 million for the Social Innovation Fund. But the roots of social innovation reveal the potential flaws in the fund's model. By Jon Pratt
The Fatal Design Defects of L3Cs
While they're the darling of some philanthropic circles, limited-liability corporations are no panacea. By Daniel Kleinberger
Nonprofit Salaries: Achieving Parity with the Private Sector
While new data says that nonprofit salaries aren't always lower than the private sector's, they are most of the time. By Rick Cohen
Unstill Waters: The Fluid Role of Networks in Social Movements
It's a wonder that social-movement networks survive long enough to make an impact. What's the secret sauce of these organizing efforts? by Robin Katcher
Not Paying Your Taxes? Your Board Could Be Personally Liable
Board members, beware: the IRS can hold you liable for unpaid taxes. By Francis J. Serbaroli
Dr. Conflict
A micromanaging board gets the better of an organization's executive director. By Mark Light
Giving Back Nonprofit-Style
Corporate America gets precious advice. By Phil Anthrop