21st Century Communications: Authenticity Matters

21st Century Communications: Authenticity Matters [Digital Issue]
21st Century Communications: Authenticity Matters [Digital Issue]
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We explored the discipline of framing strategies for social media-based communications, and then dove into the deep pool of civic engagement and the ways in which our relationships and our communications practices and expectations have changed over time--and then realized that this is the point. We are at a watershed moment in which a new communications practice is being explored by everyone, and nonprofits are in the rushing, detritus-filled stream with the rest of the world, trying desperately to understand when to relax into the current, making the most of its power, and when to protect their existence from that current.

Articles in this issue include:

Twenty-First-Century Communications versus The illustration of Control: An Epic Battle The idea of stakeholder communications is broached and the role of authenticity is explored. By Ruth McCambridge

Two Eras of Civic Information and the Evolving Relationship between Civil Society Organizations and Young Citizens The article explores the communicative relationship between civic organizations and young citizens as a clue to understanding the potential for youth re –engagement through digital communications. By Chis Wells

Reframing Issues in the Digital Age: Using Social Media Strategically The prevalence of social media provides a perfect opportunity to help reframe a widely misunderstood social issue. But what does meaningful engagement look like in the sphere of social Media. By Julie Sweetland, PhD, and Rob Stone

Two Master of Communication Discuss the Branding (or Not) of the Nonprofit Sector Does the nonprofit sector have a brand identity, and if so, how might we build on that? By the editors

Our Boards in Our Brands: An Aspiration The author explores the power of brand as an organizing principle for boards. By Jeanne Bell

Attention Philanthropy: The Good, the Bad and the Strategy. This article discusses how to get and keep the attention of our stakeholders in a noisy world. By Chau Guo, PhD, and Gregory D Saxton, PhD