Nimble Nonprofits: The Land of the Frugal Visionary

Nimble Nonprofits: The Land of the Frugal Visionary [Print Issue]
Nimble Nonprofits: The Land of the Frugal Visionary [Print Issue]
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Nimble Nonprofits: The Land of the Frugal Visionary: Volume 22, Issue 2: Summer 2015

Table of Contents:

F e a t u r e s

3 Welcome

4 It’s Never about the Donuts: This article talks about the importance of collectively facing up to the big questions in your budget ruminations. by Allison Moen Wagstrom

8 The Price of Nonprofit Debt: Is the nonprofit sector overextended with debt? This article looks at the data and the best practices behind nonprofits borrowing and repaying within their means. by Woods Bowman

S p e c i a l S e c t i o n

14 Creative Frugality (and Its Limits)

16 A Penny Saved: Creative Ways to Thrive: An annual competition identifies nonprofits that have found that sweet spot combining cost cutting with real expansion of reach and impact. by Beth Bird INSERT: Resource Wise: How Some Nonprofits Perform above Their Budget Grade: This interactive pullout will help you to find opportunities within your own organization to cut costs while continuing to advance your mission. by Jon Pratt and Ruth McCambridge

20 Valuable Free Real Estate Available at GuideStar: Ignore at Your Own Risk: Too many donors use GuideStar as a reference point for nonprofits to ignore the opportunities there to tell their stories. Take the time to make your profile sing! by Lindsay J. K. Nichols, Gabe Cohen, and Ruth McCambridge

30 Directors and Officers Liability Insurance: Why It’s Worth the Cost: Does a nonprofit really need to purchase directors and officers liability insurance? The short answer is “yes.” by Pamela E. Davis

38 On Using What You Have to Resist Buying What You Do Not Need: An IT Fable from the Front Lines: This short story from the front lines exhibits how consultation and the use of your own network can help clarify your IT needs. by the editors

40 The Real Cost of Bank Trustees: This investigative report delves into the largely unexplored world of bank trustees and their potentially self serving, lucrative roles on nonprofit foundations. by Rick Cohen

D e p a r t m e n t s

52 Nonprofit Governance and the Power of Things: Who—or what—really governs your nonprofit? by Fredrik O. Andersson and Avery Edenfield

60 The Surprising Alchemy of Passion and Science: As this article from the front lines describes it, our work is not all about the data; but the data can be servant to purpose when mixed with other ingredients. by Lissette Rodriguez

64 Places to Intervene in a System: This article by the late scientist and environmental and social change activist Donella Meadows is here by popular demand. It is, for good reason, one of the most passed around and reprinted pieces on leveraging a system for change ever written, and should be required reading. by Donella H. Meadows