Two-Year Subscription to the Nonprofit Quarterly with Free CD of the Archive Collection (value $149)

2 - year subscription for $98 and get the Archive Collection CD for Free (Save $225)
2 - year subscription for $98 and get the Archive Collection CD for Free (Save $225)
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Receive eight issues of the Nonprofit Quarterly, the magazine that promotes spirited nonprofit management. To order by phone call 617-227-4624 x1.

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  • a digital copy of Inequality's Tipping Point & The Pivotal Role of Nonprofits ($14.95)
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    Articles in this edition include:

    Itís Never about the Donuts by Allison Wagstrom

    Valuable Free Real Estate Available at GuideStar: Ignore at Your Own Risk by Lindsay J. K. Nichols, Gabe Cohen, and Ruth McCambridge

    Nonprofits and the Cost of Debt by Woods Bowman

    Directors and Officers Liability Insurance: Why Itís Worth the Cost by Pamela E. Davis

    A Penny Saved: Creative Ways to Thrive by Beth Bird

    Resource-Wise: How Some Nonprofits Perform Above Their Budget Grade by Jon Pratt and Ruth McCambridge

    On Using What You Got to Avoid Buying What You Do Not Need: An IT Fable from the Front Lines by the editors

    The Troubling Rise of Bank Trustee Fees by Rick Cohen

    Also in this Issue:
    • Expanding Nonprofit Government Research: Linking Actor-Network Theory with the Dominant Coalitions Perspective by Avery Edenfield and Fredrik O. Andersson
    • The Surprising Alchemy of Passion and Science by Lissette Rodriguez