Winter 2005 Article Reprints

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Is Accountability the Same as Regulation? Not Exactly.
Discussions among lawmakers, the media, and the public often focus on greater accountability through regulation, but nonprofits should not let this agenda divert us from our fundamental obligation to those we serve. By Ruth McCambridge [4 pages, 208 Kb]
Who "Owns" Your Nonprofit?
Research into how nonprofit leaders understand the notions of ownership and accountability reveals the fundamental dilemma posed by the distinction between moral and legal obligations. By Judith L. Millesen [4 pages, 239 Kb]
The Spiral of Sustainable Excellence
One of our readers' favorite authors presents a new take on nonprofit lifecycles based on his research of high-performing organizations. By Paul C. Light [8 pages, 142 Kb]
Truth or Consequences: the organizational Importance of Honesty
Organizational untruths are pervasive and corrosive, explains Belton. Truth telling is an essential practice that helps people thrive in their organizations while leading to increased individual and collective energy. By Erline Belton [6 pages, 208 Kb]
Why are We Replacing the Furniture When Half the Neighborhood is Missing?
Inclusion and rigor around community needs can help nonprofits achieve more than the sum of their parts. By Gus Newport [5 pages, 121 Kb]
Color Blind or Just Plain Blind? The Pernicious Nature of Contemporary Racism
Some of us wish we were "post-racism," but the problem has often just gone undergroundówith alarming above-ground results. By John F. Dovidio and Samuel L. Gaertner [7 pages, 290 Kb]
The Looking-Glass World of Nonprofit Money: Managing in For-Profits' Shadow
We all understand how money works in the nonprofit sector: True or False? Find out for yourself, as Clara Miller once again takes us inside the strage and often contradictory world of nonprofit money. By Clara Miller [8 pages, 259 Kb]
Founders and Other Gods
The nonprofit sector has a love-hate relationship with founders. This article helps us look at founders and the situations they face more productively. By Deborah Linnell [7 pages, 240 Kb]
Nonprofit Conspiracy of Silence
Regardless of whether it is driven by politesse or short sighted self interest, nonprofit leaders are demonstrating a lack of probity at a time when it is most needed. By Pablo Eisenberg [2 pages, 50 Kb]
Building Adaptive Communities through Network Weaving
We are just beginning to understand how networks function to help our work achieve scale and impact. By Valdis Krebs and June Holley [7 pages, 160 Kb]
Analyzing the Dynamics of Funding: Reliability and Autonomy
The nature of nonprofit revenues can make a world of difference in strategy and planning. Pratt's framework assists managers and boards in understanding their current revenue and its limitations. By Jon Pratt [5 pages, 80 Kb]