Winter 2007 Article Reprints

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The Nonprofit Ethicist
Church shenanigans -- a tax avoidance scheme. Husband and wife on the same board, why not?
Not a Spin-Free Zone: Reflections on the Utility and Price of Nonprofit Spin
Internalized spin is something that nonprofits excel at and it gets in the way of effectiveness!
Peak Performance
Sit down and take a deep breath. In this groundbreaking study, nonprofit leaders are rated more highly by their managers, peers, direct reports, and others compared to for-profit leaders.
How to Steal from a Nonprofit -- Who Does It and How to Prevent It
What do we really know about fraud in nonprofits?
The Whistle-blower: Policy Challenges for Nonprofits
Can you depend on a whistle-blower policy to encourage people to question practices that may put the organization or clients at risk?
Ensuring a Successful Consulting Engagement
What do you need to know when engaging a consultant?
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The United Way’s Way or Bust
One of the nonprofit sector’s flagship organizations and a cultural icon has another new strategy. Will it work?
Government Funding and Community Representation on Nonprofit Boards: The Bargain We Strike
Government funding changes the composition of boards and the way nonprofits function. What can you do about it?
Organizational Culture Checkup: An Interview with Erline Belton
When an organization’s culture needs to be revitalized, the starting point needs to be each member’s own behavior.